Sometimes it's better to be clueless about what's happening around you, than to know every bit of information that would silently kill you.
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sHe's not the best looking, she's not the smartest in the world, she can be a jerk sometimes, but for some reason. I don't care. I love her <3
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Boy: How can I tell her "I love you?"
Girl: Just do it! :)
Boy: Ok, let's practise with you
Girl: Great
Boy: ... I love you
Girl: I love you too.. see, that was easy right? Now go tell her!
Boy: I just did.

I feel like a text is too serious without an "lol" or "haha" in there somewhere
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For me,good and bad happens in love. The good about it is your being loved by someone and you're lovin' him/her back. The bad is you're stopped loving by him/her.I have experienced this...