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A facebook chat between Ex-couples...
Girl : hey
Boy : hii =)
Girl : how are u ??
*Boy types : I'm miserable! I need u back! I miss u ! I LoVe U!
*Then erased it...
and typed,,
Boy : I'm fine

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A psychic talking to a ghost..

PSYCHIC: why did you die?

GHOST: i was hit by a car trying to save


GHOST: because i don't want her to get hurt.

PSYCHIC: you really love her a lot cause you've
sacrificed your own life just 4 her.
maybe she's sad now,because of ur death.

GHOST: no. she's very happy cause d one that i
saved is D man that she loves.

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Husband: Can i kiss you?
wife: No!
Husband: i will buy you jewelry!
...wife: No!
husband: i will buy you a car!
Wife: Still NO.
husband: i will take you to world trip.
wife: Still NO.
After listening all this, their kid woke up
and said,"Daddy! u can kiss me, but
just buy me a bicycle pleaseee": P

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Boy: may i go to sleep.??
Girl: ok
Boy: i love you
Girl: i love you too bye
*hangs up*
Girl sends text to boy saying "i dont want you to go"
Girl's phone rings
Girl: hello?
Boy: i decided you were more important than sleep !<3! (:

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Boy:- Are u good in your A to Z?
Girl:- Yea!
Boy:- Look at these "ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTVWXYZ" Which letter is missing?
Girl:- Hmmmm.."U"?
Boy:- Yeah, where did that letter go?
Girl:- I dont know, where ?
Boy:- "U" went inside My Heart !

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