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Ugly Truth:

In Bed,
It's 6AM,
U close your eyes for 5 mins,
it's 7:45 :D :D

But In class,
It's 9:30
U close your eyes for 5 mins
It's still 9:31 :D :D

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Easier To Pick Up A Girl
Of Weight 45 Kg
But Its Quiet Difficult To Pick Up
A Gas Cylinder Of Weight 14.2 Kg
...Strange But True...:-P

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Height of Super Coolness :-

Keeping Reminder In Mobile Saying:
"Exams Starts Today, Attend It..!!" ;))

Like this If You think Its CoOl! :-D

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Molvi:- Do U agree to change Your facebook Status from Single to Married. . ?
BOY:- Yes,Yes,Ye s. !
GIRL:- Yes,Yes,Ye s. !
Molvi:, Thus, U both are now Husband AND Wife. , U May Upload Ur Wedding Pictures And Do Tag ME. . . :p . . :)

A dying grany to her GrandDaughter :-

"I may DIE any moment so I want U to inherit my farm including d Villa d Tractor d FarmHouse and all d LiveStock."
Granddaughter was amazed. Thanx grany! I never knew u even had a farm n al tis wealth..!!
Wer is it ??


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