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Boy:- Are u good in your A to Z?
Girl:- Yea!
Boy:- Look at these "ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTVWXYZ" Which letter is missing?
Girl:- Hmmmm.."U"?
Boy:- Yeah, where did that letter go?
Girl:- I dont know, where ?
Boy:- "U" went inside My Heart !

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When You Have So Much Pain In Your Heart And You Want To Talk To The Only Person ... Who Can Stop U 4rm Crying ... Is Sometimes Exactly D Same Person Who Makes U Cry..!

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12 Signs your falling in Love.. <3 :

1. You'll Read His/Her Texts;
Over and Over again.

2. You'll Walk Really Really Slow;
While you're with Him/Her.

3. You'll Pretend 2 be Shy;
Whenever you're with Him/Her.

4. While Thinking about Him/Her;
your Heart will Beat faster and faster.

5. By Listening to His/Her Voice;
you'll Smile for no Reason.

6. While Looking at Him/Her;
you cant see the Other People around you,
you can Only See that Person.

7. You'll Start Listening to SLOW Songs.

8. He/She becomes all you Think about.

9. You'll get High just by Their Smell.

10. You'll Realize that;
you're always Smiling to yourself;
When you Think about Them.

11. You'll Do anything for Him/Her.

12. While Reading this,
There was One Person on your Mind the Whole Time.. <3 :)

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to some Special one..<3

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Girl : I hate the fact, I am not as tall as you.
Boy : Well thats an advantage to u if u believe me !:)
Girl : How ?
...Boy : You can listen to my heart which beats only for u <3<3 :))

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It sucks.. !!
Yeah it sucks alot.. !! :(
When you hav someone in your heart and mind... <3
... Can't hav them in your arms... :(
<3 <3 <3