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Boy: Do You Love Me?
Girl: No
Boy: Think Again
Girl: Nope, Never ..
Boy: Waiter .. Give Bills Separately !!
Girl: I was Joking.. I love You A Lot.. !!! :P :D

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You see a robber in your house ready to steal all your stuff.
60% would silently call the police for help.
25% would let them go.
15% would grab the nearest weapon and beat the living sh!t out of the robber.

Like this if you are that 15%. :D

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Dear Phone, Maybe if you didn't light up so many damn times telling me you had a low battery, you wouldn't have died so quickly!
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Girl Friend : Where Is My Birthday Gift..

Boy Friend : You Can See That Red Hot Ferrari On The Other side Of Road..

Girl Friend :(Extremely Happy) - Yes
Boy Friend : I Bought Same Color Nail Polish For You :P :D

Twitter - what's happening? ..
Facebook- what's on your mind? ..
Orkut - where'd everybody go? .. :\

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