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A psychic talking to a ghost..

PSYCHIC: why did you die?

GHOST: i was hit by a car trying to save


GHOST: because i don't want her to get hurt.

PSYCHIC: you really love her a lot cause you've
sacrificed your own life just 4 her.
maybe she's sad now,because of ur death.

GHOST: no. she's very happy cause d one that i
saved is D man that she loves.

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The best way to avoid disappointment is to not expect anything from anyone

8 Year Olds Today Have Facebook, Twitter, Phones, & Ipods..

When I Was Their Age, I Had A
Coloring Book, Crayons, Chalk, & Imagination :D :D

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There are 3 great things in this world

The first thing is for you to love someone

The second thing is for someone to love you back
And the third greatest thing is for the first and second thing
to happen at the same time.

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When u start giving too mch importance to sm1 in
ur lyf, u tend to loose ur value in their lyf..strange but true..