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Sweetest Part In Life Is 2 Carry All d Memories In Life.

Toughest Part Is 2 Say Good Bye
To The Person Who Is Behind Those MEMORIES.

Six Things Which Weaken The Relations:
1) Misbehaving
2) Ignoring
3) Lying
4) Breaking Promises
...5) Avoiding Contact
6) Doubting

Six Things Which Strengthen The Relations:
1) Good Attitude
2) Helping
3) Trusting
4) Respecting
5) Entertaining
6) Forgiving Mistakes.

A real relationship,
Has fights.
Has trust.
Has faith.
Has tears.
...Has hurt.
Has sweet smiles.
Has genuine laughter.
Has snorts because of the laughter.
Has weird, stupid, unnecessary arguments.
Has patience.
Has communication.
Has secrets.
Has jealousy.

Like if u agree...

'Make sure that in Search of a Perfect Person
You don't lose a True Ones'


...Perfection is Fantasy


Truth Is Reality ...... <3

To the world you may be just one person, but to one person you may be the world.