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A facebook chat between Ex-couples...
Girl : hey
Boy : hii =)
Girl : how are u ??
*Boy types : I'm miserable! I need u back! I miss u ! I LoVe U!
*Then erased it...
and typed,,
Boy : I'm fine

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Cute love saying:-
"Perfect love isn't in phone calls or in text messages. It is the silent smile from your heart when you think of your loved ones" :)

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When You Have So Much Pain In Your Heart And You Want To Talk To The Only Person ... Who Can Stop U 4rm Crying ... Is Sometimes Exactly D Same Person Who Makes U Cry..!

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Superb Love Quote
By A Broken Lover

"I hurt me more than
I deserve ...
...Is it just because
I loved U more than
What U deserve . . ?" :(

Awesome Quote:
Words of a Broken heart:

"Sometimes I feel
that waiting
4 u in my life,
is like waiting
for bus
at a railway station bt i am unable to stop myself from loving u nd always will do" :( <3