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One Of the Best Love Quote Ever Said:

I Have Written Her Name
On My Heart
Because God Did not Write
Her Name
In My Destiny. =((

Those memories that you randomly remember and can't stop smiling.
then you realize that it's never gonna happen again.. =((

Real But Sad Truth-

Ppl Who Respect Love,
Never Get Their Loved One
Ppl Who Think Love Is A Time Pass,
Get True Love But Dey Dont Respect It..!!

Sweetest Part In Life Is 2 Carry All d Memories In Life.

Toughest Part Is 2 Say Good Bye
To The Person Who Is Behind Those MEMORIES.

LOVE and DEATH are Two Uninvited Guests **!!

Nobody knows when they come ..

But both do the same work ..

One takes Away the HEART =((

and the other takes away its BEATS.