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A guy and a girl can be just friends but at one point or another they will fall for each other. maybe temporarily, maybe too late or maybe forever. <3..<3

After a argument**
Girl-your fault
Boy-*confused*=/ ok sorry
Girl-Itx ok=(
Boy-dun be sad *mwah*
Boy-smile and dun fight again
Girl-=) ok
10 minx later
Girl-i hate you
Boy-i hate you more=@
2 secondx later
Girl-=( love
Boy-love yu too .....=(

It never stops♥
I will fight with you till my last breath=)

Very touchy story:

Girl: I'm having my operation now I love you.

The girl lays on operation bed.
Boy stands there with watery eyes without saying I love you too.

Girl finishes heart transplant, the boy is gone.

Girl: Nurse where is he?

Nurse says: They didn't tell you who's heart they gave you, did they?

Nurse hands the girl a note

Girls reads note

''I told you it was yours'' ? :( :(

Girl:- If I ask you 2 give up Everything 4 me, will you?
Boy:- No
Girl:- *Sobbing* Why ? =(

Boy:- Because you're my everything
and I can't give you up(♥)♥♥

bOy to girl .... i can make u say I LOVE U ....
girl : no wayyy !!
bOy : bet ??
gIrl : yes ...
bOy : ok start ... say blue?
girl : blue
bOy : say pink?
girl : pink...
bOy : say love?
girl : love ...
bOy : whats 1+1?
girl : 2
bOy : ur age?
gIrl : 18
bOy : hahaha... i tOld u i cud make u say 18!!
gIrl : no, u said u cud make me say I LOVE U
bOy : yes i did :D :D :D !!! ♥♥