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The awkward moment when Eminem raps faster than your internet connection.

''I look like a Tree"

''I look like a Brain"

"I look like an umbrella''

"Dude?! Change the Topic!''

Father: Why is your sister sitting silent
Tintumon: Nothing. She asked me for lipstick. I gave her Fevistick!!!

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Girl Friend : Where Is My Birthday Gift..

Boy Friend : You Can See That Red Hot Ferrari On The Other side Of Road..

Girl Friend :(Extremely Happy) - Yes
Boy Friend : I Bought Same Color Nail Polish For You :P :D

Boy to moon : Why my Girlfriend loves a rose which dies in a day & doesn't Luv me when I die for her everyday?

Moon 2 Boy:
Nice one dude, post it on FACEBOOK! :D ;-P