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My sister walks in my room.
She has one pillow tied to her front and one to her back.
I ask, "What on Earth are you doing?"
Her reply was...
"This pillow on my back, is to protect me, from the friends that will back stab me. And the back one, that's for the boys that will break my heart.
She's 6.

The teacher asks Timmy "why is your cat at school today?" Timmy says, crying, "Because I heard my daddy say to my mommy, 'I'm going to eat that pussy when the kids leave.' so I'm saving him!"
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That annoying moment when your parents start with: "when I was your age.."
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A little Indian Boy wanted Rs50, so he prayed 4 weeks, but nothing happened.
Finally he decided 2 write a letter 2 God requesting Rs50.

When post office staff received a letter addressed 2 God, they forwarded it 2 the President.

... ... President was so amused, she instructed her secretary 2 send the little boy Rs 20.
As she thought Rs50 would be a lot of
money for him.

The little boy was delighted with Rs20 & decided 2 write a thank u note 2 God.

'Dear God, Thank u very much 4 sending d money. However,
I noticed dat u ev sent it through 'Rashtrapati Bhavan' (Through Government Building) & those corrupt donkeys ate my 30 rupees! :D'

I miss being a kid. No one cared how you dressed, we were all friends, and you could be yourself. When did we turn so judgmental?
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