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* 1:00 a.m. * Get up, walk calmly to the bathroom, pee, look in the mirror quickly to make sure there's no masked killer behind you, turn off the lights, run as fast as you can from the bathroom back into your bedroom and jump 2 feet in the air and land on the bed, pull the covers up to your chin and glance around the room to make sure you didn't leave any more killers behind you on your expedition back, relax and nuzzle back into your pillow. * 17 seconds later you hear a noise * jump up quickly and realize its the air conditioning coming on and think " man! those ninja's just wont give up tonight.. "

Before I go to sleep, I start imagining things that I would like to happen.
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I'm tired and sleepy, but when I get in bed my bodies like "Just kidding..."
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Intending to take a nap for an hour or so, and then waking up five hours later -__-
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if sleeping was a sport i would win gold in it!!!!!!!!!!!! :)